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Hello! I’m so glad you’ve dropped by! AlyseB

My name is Alyse, and I graduated from the University of South Carolina in Beaufort in May of 2014. I studied English literature with a concentration in writing, and while I’ve been telling people for years I don’t want to teach formally, I look forward to when I have children of my own to teach. I’m currently a paraoptometric technician, and I love it.

I’ve been so blessed by God: He’s given me awesome parents who didn’t kick me out until I can support myself, He’s blessed me with a formal job that I’ve kept (off and on, but kept) since high school, and He’s placed me in a church where a good many of the families home school their children, just as I was, and they usually need someone knowledgeable about Shakespeare and F. Scott Fitzgerald…

This blog is the conglomeration of my thoughts, experiences, dreams, and basically anything else longer than 140 characters, which brings us to… the title.

“Why Beautiful Eccentricity?”

As you can probably tell already, my values aren’t exactly keeping up with those of, say, the Kardashians. My mind has been renewed by Christ, and because of that, I want things the world doesn’t, and vice versa. Yes, I fall, and yes, I make mistakes. But I’m not blustering through life living for myself, which is a relief, because half the time I don’t even know what I want. At least I know what God wants for and from me.

Because I want to love and honor a husband some day, because I want to spent the greater part of my life raising kids in a God-honoring home, and because I want to make an eternal impact for Him, people would call me ‘eccentric’ if I was old and blue-haired, but since I’m young and ‘should know better’, I’m just a ‘religious whack job’. And that’s okay. But I strive to show His love to others – even when I don’t feel like it – and in God’s eyes, a quiet and gentle spirit full of love is beautiful.

If you’d like to contact me, I’d love to hear from you!

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