Waiting for the Green Light

If you haven’t read my bio, you probably wouldn’t know that I studied English in college. That being said, I was dragged toured through the majority of literary history, required to read the “greatest hits” from most time periods, and while I’m a picky reader, there were some that I actually liked. A lot. And if you haven’t read The Great Gatsby, honestly, the newest movie was the best version I’ve seen, so you can go watch that. I’ll wait.
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Girls’ Guide to Owning a Car

Part of my goal this year was to become a better steward, not only in my finances, but also in how I take care of my body and things I need to operate in the world, like my car.

It wasn’t until I got to college that I began to fully appreciate the little things my dad taught me about car maintenance: I got a flat tire on my way to a class (I think I ran over some nails or glass in an intersection), and though he came out to help me, I did most of the work myself.
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In Defense of the Woman with the Crying Baby on Your Flight

Having just rather recently flown somewhere, I can tell you the experience is lovely.

Having just flown somewhere with people on board the plane, I can tell you it’s not always as lovely as it could be.


But there’s this one scenario everyone’s heard of and everyone acts as if it’s the most rude thing a person could do.

Yep: the crying baby.
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